Registration for the Stuc a' Chroin 5000 Hill Race (Saturday, 30th April, 2022)

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN (Closes Midnight, Wednesday 27th April) A downloadable entry form can be found here

The race is an amateur event, permitted by Scottish Athletics, run under British Athletic Rules, and I hereby agree to abide by these rules and by the local rules of the race. (See Right for Local Rules)

About PayPal Please complete the entry and payment form below - There is an entry fee of £15.00 for the race which must be paid via PayPal when you register. If you have any problems please contact us via the Contact Us Form.

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    Equipment Checks

    Competitors are reminded that the race is a category AL race and as such, the organisers expect all mandatory equipment to be carried. Competitors will be required to show mandatory equipment at registration, and checks will be made prior to the race. Non-compliant competitors will be invited to withdraw from the race. 

    For a comprehensive list of FRA rules and recommendations, runners should acquaint themselves with the FRA web site. As of 30th April 2014, the mandatory list comprises the following;

    ♦ WATERPROOF whole body cover (i.e. covering the torso from head to ankles)

    ♦ Other body cover appropriate for the weather conditions including, as a minimum, hat and gloves but also other clothing e.g. a fleece

    ♦ Map, preferably waterproof, of the race route and surrounding area

    ♦ Compass suitable for navigating the course (GPS type equipment is not acceptable)

    ♦ Whistle

    ♦ Emergency food.

    List of Local Rules

    Competitors are reminded that they must adhere to all local rules.

    ♦ Race routes must be adhered to

    ♦ Runners exiting the race MUST report to a race official at exit point, and must notify a race official when base level is reached.

    ♦ No hiking sticks to be used during the race

    ♦ No dogs on hill